Order of the Seekers

Avatar of the Thieves

Adventure 05

After some contemplation, Zithel decides to find himself a retreat away from society and study the arcane arts in solitude. To fill the new hole in the party, a drow sorceror by the name of Maaj is hired, despite an unclear history and motivations.

The party is offered a job in Rothshire to the south, where an anonymous client wishes for them to deal with an unusual new band of thieves that are disrupting the usual organized crime. Upon arrival at Rothshire, the company approaches the authorities with their problem, who seem suspiciously defensive and unmotivated to act against the criminals until they learn that the problem is the new breed of thieves that have been striking recently. Suddenly cooperative, the police present the evidence left at every crime scene – a black feather-shaped dagger.

This clue leads the party to investigate a small shrine to the Raven Queen, where they (with the help of a drunkard) find the secret entrance to the sewer system and follow markings through the dangerous underground passages, cutting past monstrous centipedes and a choker lurking in the darkness. Eventually, they find a nest of kenku hidden down here and manage to dispatch them without alerting the others…

Climbing up from the nest, they find themselves in a desecrated church of Pelor, but they climb further up still to find the rest of the kenku gang. With them is their leader, Tosi – a human garbed in raven feathers and wielding powerful magic that blends seamlessly into the kenku tactics. During the precarious battle on the rooftop, Tosi feigns defeat, but disappears as soon as the party’s attention is turned.

Once the rest of the kenku are dispatched, Prime takes the quick way down from the church’s rooftop, causing quite a spectacle for the townspeople to see.



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