Order of the Seekers

Bizarre Folk at the Bazaar

Adventure 01

The players are called together for their first serious quest as part of the Seekers – A proud local noble has commissioned them to retrieve a stolen heirloom bust from a small-time dwarven mob lead by Don Biggums.

After an attempted mugging was by a pair of goblins and their pet spiretop drakes is thwarted, the party arrives at the bazaar the dwarven mob is rumoured to make base near and begin their inquiry. A confrontation with a pair of the dwarven mobsters helps lead them to the base, where they fight their way to the Don’s room.

After a relatively easy dispatching, the characters pass over the bodies of the don, his guard drake, and a goblin accomplice to lift the bust from a safe.

This sets off a trap designed to make a mess of any evidence, draining the bazaar’s pool to flood the hide-out. The party nimbly dodges obstacles and beats the flood out the front with the bust in hand.



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