Order of the Seekers

Lashkan of the Choking Swamp

Adventure 04

With Aeldrin’s departure, the party decided to round out their group with the addition of Sienar, a rogue in the employment of the Seekers.

Ready to head out again, they were now employed to seek out Lashkan, a Poisonscale Lizardfolk magus believed to be responsible for raids on caravans heading into town.

The adventurers skillfully cut their way through the wild into the hazardous swamp, where they fought their way past some dull-witted demonic guards paired with Poisonscale lurkers.

Working their way past deadly oozes and traps, they confronted Lashkan and collected his severed head, as ordered.

Despite an assault by a pack of hyenas in the middle of one night, the party made it back to town in a timely manner to collect their reward.



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