Order of the Seekers

Rogue Watcher

Adventure 06

As the characters return to the Order to report the details of their last encounter, they are given an urgent task from the leaders of Osemil and Nededon. They ask them to eliminate a new insect-like threat in the Woods of Orelle.

The party heads out to the Forest, where they feel a presence watching them. After some time without being able to locate the source, they encounter a tree-like being who says he is part of an organization known as “The Watchers”. It is their place to watch over the events that pass in the world, but another Watcher located in the woods has been spreading an icy influence very slowly. The party decides their task at hand is more urgent and so carries on, but the fruit servants of the rogue Watcher maliciously lead them to the Watcher’s glen so as to steal the sapphires they carry.

Irritated by the sidetrack, the characters subdue the Watcher, forcing out the spirit of Isemil that possessed him. The Watcher gives the party a pendant as a sign of friendship and the characters locate the Isladrin ring Isemil had stolen from his father and hidden in the woods when he was still living.

Carrying on, the party follow the signs of the insect infestation to a cave, where they happen upon a conflict between myconids and bullywugs. They decide to take the side of the myconids, and easily help them defend their colony, where they are welcomed by the sovereign and decide to camp out.



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