Order of the Seekers

The Hive

Adventure 07

Due to the time limit on the corpse-preserving shroud protecting the captured specimen, the party is anxious to continue forward but must wait for a new opening to the source of the insects. In the nights that pass, the party wakes to find Maaj missing and a strange spider-hybrid creature in his place, poking around his possessions. Coming to the conclusion that it must be Maaj himself, they bear with his strange but benevolent presence. They don’t have to wait long, as only a few days later a hole does open up, allowing them to make their way into the expansive underground caverns (after fighting their way past some demons and a gelatinous cube that barred the myconids from expanding in that direction previously).

Once through, the characters are overwhelmed by the twisting passages and helpless without some sort of direction. They stumble into a nest of Ettercaps, which attempt to overtake them but are themselves defeated.

The party continues on to an underground lake scattered with the remains of eaten fish and a glimmering portal. Through this portal, the party finds a humid overgrown environment and the remains of a temple. The insect-like reptiles are swarming here, surrounding their hive lord. As they deal with the threat once and for all, a worn and maniacal Tosi appears through the portal, cursing the party and destroying the portal. With the portal destroyed, the party eliminates the last of the hive and decides to venture forth in search of civilization.

They encounter a native tribe known as the Isladrin, a fey cousin of the Eladrin that explain the party has come through the portal to their continental fishing ground and ended up on the island to the southeast of the continent. They are very helpful, though, and agree to help the party make their way back to the nearest Seekers outpost.



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