Order of the Seekers

The Truthmaker & The Trapmaker

Adventure 02

The party is sent by the Seekers to retrieve two kobold cult leaders known as “The Truthmaker” and “The Trapmaker”.

The party causes a commotion with their first attempt to infiltrate the kobold lair, but eventually make their way to The Trapmaker, cutting through kobolds left and right.

Further in the lair, they come face-to-face with a large metallic steamwork dragon, and after some negotiation and roughhousing, they disable it. This reveals The Truthmaker behind it, who submits to capture.

The party marches out of the lair with kobolds in hand and uneventfully returns to town to submit them to a church of Bahamut for trial.

Here in town Aeldrin spends six days recuperating from filth fever contracted in the kobold lair from a rat. Sana watches over him, aiding his recovery.



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