Order of the Seekers

Lashkan of the Choking Swamp
Adventure 04

With Aeldrin’s departure, the party decided to round out their group with the addition of Sienar, a rogue in the employment of the Seekers.

Ready to head out again, they were now employed to seek out Lashkan, a Poisonscale Lizardfolk magus believed to be responsible for raids on caravans heading into town.

The adventurers skillfully cut their way through the wild into the hazardous swamp, where they fought their way past some dull-witted demonic guards paired with Poisonscale lurkers.

Working their way past deadly oozes and traps, they confronted Lashkan and collected his severed head, as ordered.

Despite an assault by a pack of hyenas in the middle of one night, the party made it back to town in a timely manner to collect their reward.

The Symbol of Salakar
Adventure 03

After a small-scale but drawn out war decades ago, an orc army basked in their greatest victory by stowing a symbol of the kingdom of Salakar they had stolen. One of their high priests of Gruumsh stored it within a perilous dual-pronged trial. Roving bands of orcs still wander the area around the trial and so the part has been commissioned to retrieve the symbol as a conclusion to the mess.

Sana is separated from the party in the trial of death and nearly killed by zombies and gravehounds accompanied by a fireball trap, but manages to survive until his friends can deal with the situation from outside the portcullis.

A similar situation occurs in the trial of fire, with Prime fighting alone, but passing the key on to the rest of the party.

The party enters the final room and coerces a mischievous witherling guardian back and forth until they can steal the symbol balanced atop his finger.

The party then makes their way back to town, where Aeldrin hears rumour of his son in another region and bids farewell to the party.

The Truthmaker & The Trapmaker
Adventure 02

The party is sent by the Seekers to retrieve two kobold cult leaders known as “The Truthmaker” and “The Trapmaker”.

The party causes a commotion with their first attempt to infiltrate the kobold lair, but eventually make their way to The Trapmaker, cutting through kobolds left and right.

Further in the lair, they come face-to-face with a large metallic steamwork dragon, and after some negotiation and roughhousing, they disable it. This reveals The Truthmaker behind it, who submits to capture.

The party marches out of the lair with kobolds in hand and uneventfully returns to town to submit them to a church of Bahamut for trial.

Here in town Aeldrin spends six days recuperating from filth fever contracted in the kobold lair from a rat. Sana watches over him, aiding his recovery.

Bizarre Folk at the Bazaar
Adventure 01

The players are called together for their first serious quest as part of the Seekers – A proud local noble has commissioned them to retrieve a stolen heirloom bust from a small-time dwarven mob lead by Don Biggums.

After an attempted mugging was by a pair of goblins and their pet spiretop drakes is thwarted, the party arrives at the bazaar the dwarven mob is rumoured to make base near and begin their inquiry. A confrontation with a pair of the dwarven mobsters helps lead them to the base, where they fight their way to the Don’s room.

After a relatively easy dispatching, the characters pass over the bodies of the don, his guard drake, and a goblin accomplice to lift the bust from a safe.

This sets off a trap designed to make a mess of any evidence, draining the bazaar’s pool to flood the hide-out. The party nimbly dodges obstacles and beats the flood out the front with the bust in hand.


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