Deities and Religion

In the world of Selsil, there are considered to be four major deities available to the players, each of which is associated with one of the seasons. These deities all created for themselves demigods, for service and companionship.

Solithe ♀ (Lawful Good)
Domains: Change, Strength, Sun
Deity of the dry season. Solithe is very stern and encourages decisions made with the big picture in mind for the greater good. In this way, she can be unforgiving; she lost one of her initial demigod companions in such a situation (see St. Ostil in Evil Deities – not yet made public). She often tests the strength of her subjects to prevent them from becoming complacent. Her relationship with her demigods is strictly that of a ruling authority.

St. Orst ♂ (Unaligned)
Domains: War, Civilization
St. Orst is a stoic demigod who values war as a means for change and revolution, as well as expanding society. Many people turn to him for blessings of favour in battle, or for shelter from the savage uncivilized world.

St. Vesroth ♂ (Lawful Good)
Domains: Justice, Protection
Order and fairness are top priority for St.Vesroth, who is also known as The Judge and a protector of rights. His name is often mentioned in prayers and rituals asking for safety from the legions of evil.

Mariss ♀ (Lawful Good)
Domains: Life, Sea, Arcana
Deity of the wet season. She is said to dwell in an enormous castle made of sand on a beach somewhere in the Astral Sea. She has a fascination with all things arcane in nature, and values the intertwining of the mundane and magical aspects of her worshipers’ every day lives. In many circles, she is called upon for blessings when a child is born, as her waters are a symbol of life. Her relationships with Sevem and Polk are as with a lover and counselor, respectively (also see Essgar in Evil Deities – not yet made public).

Sevem ♂ (Good)
Domains: Storm, Love
Sevem is the impulsive and romantic lover of Mariss. His temper is easily aroused, in direct contrast to his otherwise docile and loving nature. He promotes passion in everything one does, or else it is not worth doing at all.

Polk ♂ (Unaligned)
Domains: Creation, Knowledge
Most often taking on the appearance of an elderly scholar, Polk is a repertoire of knowledge. He seeks for himself and anyone who lives by his way to learn everything there is to know, and when there is nothing left to learn, to create something new.

Iuvenil ♀ (Good)
Domains: Skill, Wilderness, Freedom
Deity of the blossom season. Iuvenil often takes on the youngest appearance of all her sisters, appearing as an adolescent without the stresses and obligations of adulthood. She stresses the idea that laws leads to decisions that aren’t necessarily for the best, and declares that a sense of individuality and self-development are the paths to a beautiful world. Ans and Erm are her best friends, and she treats them with more equality than any of her sisters would their demigods.

Ans ♂ (Good)
Domains: Luck
Initially one half of a single demigod, Ans came into existence when Iuvenil split her demigod into two halves. This is the half that leaves everything up to chance, and gets excited at the prospect of gambling.

Erm ♂ (Good)
Domains: Hope
When Iuvenil’s sole demigod hesitated with a decision due to self-doubt, she split him into two parts. Erm is the second half of this demigod, and is the half that believes in determination and making things happen by your own initiative, in the face of adversity.

Gelvenn ♀ (Unaligned)
Domains: Fate, Moon, Winter
Deity of the cold season. She is often called The Unloving, but is also regarded as the most beautiful of the sisters. She encourages her followers to accept beauty in the most unexpected of places, people, and situations. She leaves Tioss to his own devices the majority of the time, taking little interest in his affairs.

Tioss ♂ (Unaligned)
Domains: Death, Trickery
Tioss serves as the reaper for Gelvenn, claiming those who have escaped natural death. She does not order him directly, and he is said to simply understand her will completely. He often stalks his targets, deceiving them with stealth and disguise until he finally delivers them to their final rest.

For a list of less prevalent religious figures, see Other Deities.

Deities and Religion

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