What is the Order of the Seekers?
The Order of the Seekers is an organization with outposts all over the continent of Selsil, transcending even territorial conflicts. Adventurers from all over benefit from the employment of their odd job postings and the many services they provide. But an organization of this size and nature must have it’s share of dark secrets…

What is Selsil?
Selsil is the sole remaining continent of this world. Previously dominated by the warring nations of Bael Turath and Arkhosia, these two nations wore each other down until they both fell together. From their ashes rose the nations of Salakar and Balfir. A third nation, Vete, has remained its own private haven throughout all recorded history of Selsil, taking no sides but allowing no conquerors. Just off the southeast coast of Selsil lies an island so wild it has proven for the most part uncivilizable.

Order of the Seekers

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