Population: 8,799
Total Wealth: 3,864,080 GP
Full-time guards: 87
Conscriptable: 439

Silverleg, located in the Surtza Desert, gets its name from its location, right by the easterly of the two mountain ranges known as the “Desert’s Legs”. Below this mountain range lies a silver mine, which allowed this once passable mining outpost to grow into a recognizable city. The human government, not nearly as adept at mining as the dwarves, hired a dwarf to oversee the mining. This dwarf is rumoured to be just as wealthy as the noble himself.

The noble takes pride in the “Silver Elite”, three warriors that serve his personal interests, robed in white with silver accents on their armor. Their reputation is backed with incredible skill.

The people of Silverleg often wear full face-wraps (akin to that of a mummy) to protect their skin from the sun. Fair, light skin is considered a thing of beauty in social circles.


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